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Greetings Final Fantasy - Cosplayers ~ !

If you aren't aware, Final Fantasy XIV is concluding it's original iteration this week.  The servers will remain up for a few more weeks, but characters existing in the current version will no longer keep their progress past a few days from now.  Existing characters will be saved and implemented in the newest version of the game coming out next year, complete with a new graphics engine, game system, and world map.  If you're looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, feel free to share your excitement.  Or, if you're unaware and just desperately looking for a new Final Fantasy game to inspire you to create costumes...


And now that it's Monday again... YES, it IS back!  Monday means that Final Fantasy - Cosplay will be changing the featured deviations gallery to feature fan-favorite photos from the previous week!  Our goal is to showcase the newest Final Fantasy costumes from each of the various Final Fantasies, so look for your picture in the snapshots below and make sure to show love for your fellow Final Fantasy Fan!  

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY I :bulletred:
:iconshiratorihikaru: > :thumb170137409:

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY II :bulletred:
:icontarybelmont: > Chocobo Cosplay by TaryBelmont

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY III :bulletred:
:iconchibifiedkitsunes: > :thumb91094265:

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY IV :bulletred:
:iconfrauleinninja: > I gave you all by FrauleinNinja

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY V :bulletred:
:iconminakosplay: > Dancer Lenna by Minakosplay

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY VI :bulletred:
:iconalucardleashed: > Terra Branford - 6 by alucardleashed

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY VII :bulletred:
:iconanniexcos: > Cerberus Yuffie by Anniexcos

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY VIII :bulletred:
:iconmelodious-angel: > Promise by Melodious-Angel

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY IX :bulletred:
:iconsection8sg: > .: Black Waltz .: Final Fantasy Cosplay by Section8SG

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY X :bulletred:
:iconolimpiashiva: > Shiva cosplay - Final Fantasy X by OlimpiaShiva

:bulletred: FINAL FANTASY XI :bulletred:
:iconarisuwonderland: > When MP is low. by ArisuWonderland

:bulletred: IVALICE ALLIANCE :bulletred:
:iconazimedes: > Don't worry, I'm a professional by Azimedes

:bulletred: FABULA NOVA CRYSTALIS :bulletred:
:iconkurozone: > FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 :: Caius Ballad by kurozone


We are still continuing the :iconfinalfantasy-cosplay: Scavenger Hunt ~ !

We have selected 28 Obscure characters, one male and one female, each from Final Fantasy 1 through 14.  So far there have been 16 lucky winners.  "Winning Entries" consist of the first person to submit a costume of the mystery character to our galleries.  Some mystery characters are difficult, but some might be fairly easy!

:bulletblue: LINK HERE:  finalfantasy-cosplay.deviantar… :bulletblue:

Look forward to more Final Fantasy Cosplay next week!
~ :iconpharaohmones: + :iconfour-leaf-charm:
Join Final Fantasy Cosplay Today! by Pharaohmones

( Costumes for the Mog-Net Mix-Up are chosen from recent submissions where possible.  If no recent submissions have been given for a particular Final Fantasy, a highlighted photo will be selected from older submissions in the gallery.   Preference is given to Final Fantasy - Cosplayers who properly submit their photo to the correct gallery   [EX: FFXIII's Lightning in -> Fabula Nova Crystalis, FFT's Ramza -> Final Fantasy XII Tactics & Advance, Crisis Core's Zack Fair -> Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.] )
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TaryBelmont Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Professional Artist
WOW! Thank so much!
kurozone Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow!! Thank you so much for featuring my photograph!! :D
Everyone's work looks so beautiful and amazing! :heart:
ValNika Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Can't wait for a Realm Reborn :) Gonna be so awesome
Azimedes Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Oh wow thanks so much for the feature! :love: Everyone here looks so fantastic!
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